Swizz Beatz Disputes Authenticity Of DMX's "Redemption Of The Beast" Album

The authenticity of DMX's forthcoming Redemption Of The Beast album has been called into question.

Yesterday (December 6), an album cover bearing a shirtless, grimacing DMX surfaced online, alongside a purported tracklist and release date.

Swizz Beatz has since shared a series of Instagram posts denouncing the album. He's worked with DMX for over 20 years via the Ruff Ryderz imprint, crafting several hits and chart-topping albums.

"I see a lot of people hitting me about this album!!!" Swizz says. "I can tell you 100% this is not the album X and I are working on!!!! (I feel like Timbo with the Aaliyah movie rite now) SMH !!!!!! #DontdisrespecttheDog We Got Fire coming."

In a separate post, Swizz shared a black-and-white image of himself on stage with DMX -- dressed as the villain Bane. The caption reads: "When the DOG come back you will know 100% !!!!!! Stop the B.S fake albums!!!!!!!! Fyi We Cooking Fire."

X acknowledged his longtime producer's statements by re-posting Swizz' initial Instagram photo.

Its been three years since the 44-year-old rapper has released an album, Undisputed.