Nipsey Hussle "Mailbox Money" Release Date

Nipsey Hussle said on Twitter yesterday (December 28) that his Mailbox Money project will be released December 31.

The announcement from the Los Angeles rapper also included three price points for the collection.

Consumers willing to purchase one of 100 hard copies of Mailbox Money will pay $1,000 for the release. He says it will be available for $10 on iTunes and for free at

Earlier this month, Nipsey Hussle says that the $1,000 purchase provides more than Mailbox Money.

“If you buy Mailbox Money, you’ll get a product that I haven’t announced yet: access to the secret store that we’re getting ready to have the grand opening for and you get to hear Victory Lap exclusively with me in this place that we built,” Nipsey Hussle said at the time. “It’s an experience. We can’t fit more than a 100 people in the store. We just wanted to do something different this time.”