Logic Explains Why Battle Rap Doesn't Suit Him

Logic spoke with VladTV and shared his views on Battle Rap. He says that he doesn’t fit into the world that values spontaneity and scoffs at written rhymes.
“I write and I like to write and that’s my place,” Logic says. “My place is on the record. My place isn’t two in the morning with a million motherfuckers around me and this and that. I hate people, man. I have fucking social anxiety.”
The Maryland rapper says Battle Rap is “fucking awesome,” but the hostile atmosphere can be overwhelming.
“Go to YouTube. I see all this shit and I’m like, ‘Eh…,’” he says, referencing guns and physical altercations he’s seen.
Logic says despite this, he appreciates competition in Rap and especially likes how the members of Wu-Tang Clan challenge each other.