Iggy Azalea Threatened By Hacker Group Anonymous

Australian musician Iggy Azalea has become the latest person to find themselves threatened by the hacker group Anonymous. The group began making threats against Azalea on Friday, December 19 via Twitter.

Tweeting from their @TheAnonMessage account, Anonymous demanded that the Aussie rapper apologize to Azealia Banks and protesters for her recent comments and actions.

They also stated that she’s “guilty of misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner's death.”

Weeks ago, Iggy declared that protestors at her show at University of Southern California were “trolling in real life.”

Iggy was given 48 hours to comply with the organization’s demands or risk being exposed through a scandal that “would be bigger than Bill Cosby's.” Through their tweets, Anonymous hinted at possibly obtaining Iggy’s alleged sex tape.

The “Fancy” collaborator also lashed out at fellow artist Azealia Banks over the weekend after she was criticized by the Harlem, New York rapper during Banks' interview on Hot 97. According to Iggy, there are “black artists succeeding in all genres” and Banks isn’t successful because of her “piss poor attitude.”

Based on Anonymous’ 48 hours remarks, Iggy’s last day to an issue apology would be today (December 21).