Young B The Future Dies Of Gun Shot Wounds

California emcee, Young B The Future passed away of apparent gun shot wounds tonight (December 8). Young B was a rising star in Battle Rap and delivered a decisive in-building victory over B Magic during Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School this Fall (September 22).
Young B, who hails from Southern California’s Inland Empire, explained to how he landed on the high profile Gladiator School card.
“I was in the hood doing what I do,” he said. “Next thing I know people hit me like, ‘Yo, you ain’t check your Twitter? Snoop Dogg hit your Twitter.’ I be so going around, next thing I know I see it like hours later. I’m like, ‘Snoop Dogg hit my Twitter!’ Next thing I know, time went around and we’re here [in Atlanta for Gladiator School]”
Also in the interview, Young B shared that he was surprised that Snoop Dogg was familiar with his previous battles.
“When I spoke to him, it actually surprised me about how in-tune he was with the Battle Rap world he was,” he said. “He was able to tell me about battles, quote my lyrics, tell me some strong points and things I needed to work on—the whole nine—to where I could tell he had been watching. It wasn’t random. That’s a blessing… Everything you get that comes with success… I’m getting all that right now and I’m loving it.”
Prior to B Magic at Gladiator School, Young B The Future notched strong showings against Super Villain Almighty during King Of The Dot’s Prove Yourself, AB Hogish at Fresh Coast’s Battle Of The Bay 6, as well as number of AHAT West Coast Division battles.
RGF extends its condolences to family and friends of Young B The Future.