Tyga Says Young Money's Hold Up Of His Album Is "Not Fair To The Fans"

The inter-fighting at Young Money has been well-known publicly for some time and came to a head late last week when Lil Wayne tweeted his own frustration with the label via Twitter.

Someone whose dissatisfaction has been known for even longer, Tyga, alongside Chris Brown, recently sat down with Power 106 in Los Angeles and detailed why he has been frustrated. Tyga says he's lost creative control at the label and the fans are suffering as a result.

"The album is done so like I'm going to put it out independently, I'm just getting out [of] my deal right now," Tyga said when asked about his label situation. "I feel like as an artist what we do creatively should never be imprisoned and at the end of the day we do it to bring it to the fans. It's not a selfish thing it's just not fair to the fans. You've got millions of people who want your music and they don't understand the behind the scenes politics."

Tyga also noted that he'll be putting out the album independently and that he has been paying to create his own output by himself.

"I'm dropping regardless. I'm paying for my own videos and everything so I ain't waiting on nobody," he said. "Everything come to the light so you got to treat people the way you want to be treated at the end of the day."

Tyga and Chris Brown are about to embark on their forthcoming "Between The Sheets" tour. The two recently performed at Power 106?s Cali Christmas concert together.