Lupe Fiasco, Rapsody, Big Boi React To No Charges In Eric Garner Case

Several rappers and entertainment industry figures have responded to no charges being brought against Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who was shown on video choking Eric Garner. Garner died as a result of Pantaleo's actions and Garner's death was ruled a homicide.
"The message has been sent over and lives don't matter. #EricGarner #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin #OscarGrant #JohnCrawford...." Rapsody wrote on Twitter today (December 3).
Mistah F.A.B. posted on Instagram about the ruling. "Y'all better strap up!! It's a WAR going on Us against THEM!!!!! Except they can get away with murder!!!! We go out a MARTRY You a victim or a suspect???? Another one like the other MODERN DAY LYNCHING After a few protest,riots, burned down business BLACKS will settle down... But they ain't Gon feel it till they feel it IS IT A RACE THING OF COURSE IT IS WHITE PRIVILEGE VS BLACK OPPRESSION How many more??????" he said.
DJ House Shoes sent a series a tweets about the finding. "#thenewblack will be murdered by the police just like the old. @Pharrell," read one, while another was, "This is not a time for prayer."
Lupe Fiasco said that people need to turn the attention on themselves. "You cannot casually celebrate your own demise in the club then hit the streets/tweets expecting justice from a system that benefits from it," the Chicago rapper wrote on Twitter.
Pantaleo responded to the Grand Jury not bringing charges against him.
"I became a police officer to help people and to protect those who can't protect themselves," Pantaleo says in a statement that was published by ABC News. "It is never my intention to harm anyone and I feel very bad about the death of Mr. Garner. My family and I include him and his family in our prayers and I hope that they will accept my personal condolences for their loss."
The tweets from Lupe Fiasco, Rapsody, Mistah F.A.B., DJ House Shoes, ABC News and others are as follows: