Common Describes Admiration For Jay Electronica, Reason He's On Tour

Recently Common released his tenth studio album Nobody's Smiling to wide acclaim and now, the Chicago rapper is on tour to promote it.
Sitting down with Complex, Common talked about the project and the reasoning behind a lot of its meaning.
"The concept of Nobody's Smiling is really an album describing the situation going on in Chicago and a lot of major cities," he said in describing the album. "The struggle and the tough times people are experiencing–I wanted the album to be a soundtrack to that."
Common also talked about Jay Electronica. The New Orleans native is currently accompanying Common on his tour and has already provided numerous memorable moments.
"I have a ultimate respect for Jay Electronica," he said when asked about why he brought him on tour. "I think he's one of the dopest emcees. I can go back and listen to his raps he did in 2010 and be inspired. He's timeless already. His emceeing abilities is high level. It feeds me the way it always fed me. Hip Hop provides so many things for me."
The 13-date "Nobody's Smiling" tour began on November 21 and will continue across the country until December 10. During the time of the tour's announcement Common reiterated his admiration for Jay Elec.
“I’m excited to be touring because I haven’t in several years and to be doing it with an album like Nobody’s Smiling is giving me a chance to perform the hip-hop that I love,” he in a statement about the tour. “To have Jay Electronica on this tour is crazy. He is one of the freshest voices in hip-hop today. He truly is sparking the culture.”