Rick Ross Says Meek Mill Has A Month Or Less To Go Behind Bars

Rumors about how long Meek Mill will remain in prison have varied and for the most part have been false. And typically, it's hard to know just how long one has until they are released from jail anyway, especially when it comes to rappers.
Recently sitting down with Hot 97, Meek's boss, Rick Ross gave an update as to how long he thinks the Philadelphia native will remain incarcerated. He says it shouldn't be that much longer.
"I spoke to him and it may be five days from now," Ross said when asked about a Meek Mill update. "The big homie was sentenced to six months off the rip. We done got our hopes up a couple of times so I said I wasn't going to feed into that again. When he come home, he come home. At worst it won't be more than a month at this point."
Meek Mill is currently in prison for violating his probation following a 2009 drugs and guns conviction. He was sentenced to three to six months back in July and was reportedly denied an early release.
Also during the interview, Rick Ross spoke on the Mike Brown indictment verdict, one that he was disappointed with to say the least.
"It dampened my spirit," he said. "But before I think of me I have to send my condolences to the Brown family for they major loss. Me just sitting there reflecting, it's just been open season on young black males for a long time. And how long can this go on? They think this can go on before we have some real problems."
Watch the full interview segment below: