Your Old Droog Calls Past Speculations On His Identity "Creepy"

Your Old Droog, the artist who was once assumed to be Nas, recently appeared on Sway In The Morning to discuss past speculations about his identity. The Brooklyn, New York rapper called past speculations "creepy" and said he was more concerned with releasing "a good project."
Droog's interview on Sway In The Morning comes days after the release of the Coney Island lyricist's Your Old Droog album. The rapper addressed his album during the interview as he commented on choosing the right beats for the project.
"It was a little creepy," Your Old Droog said when asked about the recognition he's received recently. "They was speculating on the identity, but I'm just glad that I put out a good project that I was proud of. The music was good. We got good producers...It was important to me just as a fan. I just wanted to pick music that sounded good. The problem with rappers, a lot of battle rappers is they can't pick music. That's the thing, when I was picking these beats I was picking the best beats."
Droog also spoke on getting his start in rap by battling in the lunchroom at his school.
"I came up battling...So, it wasn't like I started in my room type shit," he said. "[It] started in the classroom, the lunchroom. Beating on the table...You just make fun of somebody. You snapping on somebody except in rhyme form. And everybody had dirt on everybody. You know whose mom smoked crack and shit like that."
Prior to speaking on his self-titled album and getting his start in rap, Droog named the artists who have influenced him the most. Among the artists he named were Big L, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Cassidy, and Lloyd Banks.