Freddie Gibbs To Release "Lifestyles Of The Insane" Album In 2015

While speaking with Montreality recently, Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs revealed that he has a new studio album in the works. According to Gangsta Gibbs, the album will be titled Lifestyles Of The Insane and will likely be released sometime next year.

He also revealed that the album is currently 60 percent complete.

“I got a new album. It’s called Lifestyles Of The Insane. I’m coming with that probably next year or something like that. I’m working on it. I’m like about 60 percent done with it,” Freddie Gibbs said.

Gibbs then went on to rattle down the list of his favorite revolutionaries, during his interview. Among those he named were Huey Newton, Che Guevara, and Assata Shakur.

“I got Huey Newton tattooed on my back,” he said. “Like I said, I just read Assata Shakur’s book, so she probably one of my favorites right now. She probably my favorite right now. Her, George L, Jackson. A lot of people, man. Eldridge Cleaver. Bobby Seale. Che Guevara. A lot of people. I definitely read a lot of literature on a lot of those people, so definitely well-versed on what they do. And the things, the principles that they had. And I’m into it.”

Lastly, Gibbs offered his advice to the youth as he encouraged them to stay in school and always be aware. The Indiana rapper also added that black men in particular need to “stop going to jail” and focus on raising their families “the correct way.”

“Niggas just need to really just stay in school and shit, man. For real,” Gibbs said. “Really set they self on a path [for that] education. And just educating themselves at all times and being more aware. And stop going to jail. It’s too many mothafuckas going to jail, man. Especially black men. We gotta figure out how to maneuver through the law and all that shit, man. Raise our families the correct way and things of that nature cause it’s a lot of shit that’s fucked up for black youth. And that’s because we not that many generations removed from slavery…We just gotta rise up on some real shit and just stay informed and be aware.”