50 Cent Discusses Kanye West's Fashion Industry Ambitions

Appearing in Lower Manhattan to promote a new Century 21 charity single on which he appears, 50 Cent expanded on comments he made earlier this year about Kanye West’s foray into the high-fashion world.
In January, 50 addressed Kanye’s recent fashion industry moves and touched on the difficulty of breaking into the business in an interview with XXL.
“In Kanye’s case, wanting to be a part of high-end fashion, that’s a process,” he said at the time. “It’s not something that just happens. It’s like—they’re not gonna allow you to tomorrow wake up and say, ‘This idea, that idea. This idea and I’m in and I’m hot.'"
Speaking with Fashionista from the Century 21 benefit event, 50 added on, noting that high-end designers who “have been passionate about [fashion] for a very long time and worked to get to where they are are not prone to just letting people come in and just turning into a big deal.”
"There are really talented people [already in the business] and it kind of irks them that the person who’s been receiving the opportunity — that they really want and have been working, preparing for it for a long time — just comes out of somewhere else,” he said of the industry’s reaction to Kanye West.
During the event, 50 Cent also spoke briefly about his own possible future in fashion. "Maybe I’ll go back into something that’s a little more niche and not so mass for the clothing," he said, likely referencing his past collaboration with Mark Ecko on G-Unit Clothing. "I think it’s interesting when you make wild choices and I have people who are supportive because they are actually into those ideas, instead of with trend cool."
"I would just work with someone," he added. "I’d get the person who does not have the opportunity or the financial support around at that point and that has been in that [niche] club and consistent [in design] for a long period of time."
While at the event, 50 was asked about his outfit and apparently couldn’t name any of the labels before admitting with a laugh, "A lot of times I’m not even dressing myself.”
50 Cent collaborated with Century 21 owner and occasional musician Eddie Gindi on a song called “Century Love” for the brand’s new partnership with the non-profit organization Tuesday’s Children. The organization as well as the new partnership were established to provide support for families impacted by the 9/11 attacks. The song, which was released by Gindi’s band Men In My Head, is available for purchase in the department store with all profits going to Tuesday’s Children.