Hit-Boy Says Kanye West Passed On The “N—-s In Paris” Beat At First

Producer Hit-Boy sat down with Uncle Snoop for the latest GGN convo. After the beatmaker informed Snoop that he was the one that produced the smash hit “N—-s in Paris” for Kanye West and Jay Z, he revealed that that instrumental had went down a road of rejection.

“I had gave that beat to like eight other rappers and they all passed on it,” the Pasedena, CA native told Snoop. “Pusha T had it. He had a chance. Kanye tried to give him the beat first and he turned it down.”

Watch Hit-Boy talk about how he first got started in music, his HS87 team and Snoop’s reaction when Hit-Boy reveals that he has an uncle in the 80’s group Troop.