Possible Tracklist For New Beyonce Album Leaks

A possible tracklist for Beyonce’s next album was released online yesterday.
While the tracklist has yet to be confirmed, the document seems to point to a combined re-release and sequel of the singer’s surprise eponymous release from 2013. Two versions of the new album are listed with a four-disc “The Complete Edition” special release scheduled for a later release date. With all of the first album’s songs included on the potential tracklist, eleven new tracks including titles like “Sweet Illusion,” “DONK,” “Sensation of Pain,” and “Renouncement” are listed on the document.
The tracklist also includes new appearances from Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna in addition to the original release features.
The legitimacy of the tracklist is brought into question by a mistake in release date which is listed as Monday, November 25 which is actually a Tuesday. The document lists Friday, November 14 as the digital, iTunes only release date. The later date is listed as the release schedule for a 4-disc version of the album including three DVDs of a collective 28 music video set, footage of the "Mrs. Carter World Tour," and a DVD of concert footage from Jay Z and Beyonce’s Live from Paris stop from their “On The Run” tour.
An image of the tracklist is available below.