Drake Responds To Kevin Hart Jokes About Airball

While warming up with the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team at the program’s opening practice on Friday (October 17), Drake was filmed shooting an airball by ESPN cameras on-hand. Poking fun at the miss, Kevin Hart took to his Instagram account to taunt the rapper with a video of the attempt overlaid with Drake’s own recent lyrical brag about being “Steph Curry with the shot.”

Hart’s Instagram post, which ends with a short clip of his own stand-up material, includes hashtags like #WhyIsHeInFulluniform, #CanadaHatesThatHeDidThis, and, #DrakeMakesBadDecisions.


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Drake followed up shortly after with an Instagram post of his own, using an image of Hart’s face to make excuses for the miss. Including a list of hashtags himself, Drake replaced his Steph Curry brag from "0 to 100" with a reference to Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, a player with a perceived jump shot handicap.