Pimp C Out Of Jail And In The Studio

 Barely a month out of prison, UGK's Pimp C is prepping his debut solo album and readying to launch a magazine.

Rolling Stone Magazine recently reported that the underground king recorded three cuts within a week of his release from prison. Pimp also laced a remake of UGK's 1994 classic "Front, Back and Side to Side" with T.I., a remix of partner Bun B's "Get Throwed" and a new song with Webbie.

"I did all that last night," Pimp told the magazine on his way to a studio session. "I'll knock three more out tonight and three tomorrow. I'm trying to average three a day. I'm trying to get it all out."

In addition to extensive studio work, the rapper is also launching Laca, a Houston-based hip-hop magazine.

Meanwhile, his untitled solo album is expected to hit stores late this year. Pimp should have plenty of rhymes to pick from since he's been writing songs since he was incarcerated in 2001 for failing to complete a community service requirement stemming from an aggravated assault charge.

"I put together over 2,500 songs in jail," Pimp revealed. "I did them all on loose-leaf paper. When I'd get ten songs ,I'd mail them home so that they wouldn't get lost in the sauce. They're still all in the envelopes. I got a shopping bag full of rhymes."

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