Lil Boosie Explains Why He Feels African-American Is The Worst Race

Since being released from prison, Lil Boosie has become a critical voice against rappers using “gimmicks” to portray a false lifestyle to their fans. The Louisiana rapper sat down with NiteCap with Peter Bailey to discuss the power of music to influence people, the stupidity in glorifying prison, monogamy, and more.
During the discussion, Bad Azz also delved into the topic of self-hate within the Black community. Boosie gave an honest, but what has become a controversial answer.
“I feel like African-American is the worst race in the world, because first of all, we kill each other,” said Boosie. “People always talk about this racist stuff, but the White man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a choppa. The White man ain’t trying to take the rims off your car. We’re doing this to each other. So how can we say ‘”eff” the White man’? He ain’t doing nothing, but when we get in trouble – he’s doing his job. Guilty. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.”
Boosie did add he felt that outside forces do bring drugs into African American neighborhoods in order for Blacks to kill themselves. He suggested African Americans should join together and take control of their own community businesses and education.
“If we’re getting the government to teach our people, they don’t have the same love for us as we got for our kids,” states Boosie.