Rah Digga Responds To Iggy Azalea's Tweets

After Rah Digga’s initial comments about not considering Iggy Azalea a Hip Hop artist fueled a response from the Australian musician herself on Twitter, the former Flipmode Squad emcee replied in kind with a series of her own Tweets.

Responding to Azalea’s comments, Rah Digga started by qualifying her expertise, writing, “as a person that has studied Hip Hop since it’s INCEPTION I am HIGHLY qualified to speak on it.” Later, the Dirty Harriet emcee again praised another Australian rapper, Chelsea Jane, and hinted that her original comments were taken out of context. “Kinda hard to have an intellectual convo about Hip hop as a whole when the person you’re talking to makes it about 1 person,” she wrote.

Shortly after, Busta Rhymes replied with support for his former Flipmode protege.