Roc Nation Sports' Kevin Durant Discusses Lil B Beef

The beef between NBA player Kevin Durant and Lil B is longstanding but its merit has often been questionable.
From the supposed curse Lil B placed on the Oklahoma City Thunder forward and his team to the "Fuck KD" diss song he made about him, some have often wondered the beef's legitimacy.
The back-and-fourth between the two started in 2011 when Durant downplayed the rapping ability of Lil B and now, the beef may be over as Durant recently told Revolt TV he has no issue with the Bay-area rapper.
"I keep hearing about [the curse]. Every time I sign into Twitter or Instagram there's this Lil B stuff coming up," Durant said when asked about the beef. He then added: "I don't have no problem with Lil B."
Durant also mentioned Lil B's social media impact, which to some may make his apology and/or attempt at beef-squashing seem inauthentic.
"He's got so many fans, it's starting to get on my nerves," Durant said. "Just to get those people away from me, me and Lil B are cool."
Lil B has yet to respond to Durant's comments and has made no reference to lifting the supposed curse he placed on Durant.