Vince Staples Discusses Purported Tyler The Creator Beef

Speaking with VladTV about a perceived rift with Tyler The Creator, Vince Staples shrugged off the possibility of a beef and attributed its origins to the fact that “Tyler’s goofy and niggas take the Internet too seriously. Why would niggas take anything Tyler says on the Internet seriously?”
Speaking about his relationship with the Odd Future co-founder, Staples hinted that the perception of beef among rappers is skewed.
“He cool,” he said. “Tyler cool. I don’t talk to niggas I don’t know like that. Me and Tyler just started talking. But Tyler cool. It ain’t no big deal. Niggas always trying to make something more than it is. This is how I look at all that rap beef: if it’s really a problem somebody gon’ get beat up. It don’t matter who it is. Somebody gon’ get beat up, somebody gon’ get chased down the street or something like that. But if it ain’t no problem it ain’t no problem. They not like that. They not like that man. They not like them type of niggas. I wouldn’t get butt-hurt  over nothing like that...People say shit like that but people ignore all the times Tyler Tweet me like, ‘Hey, I like this song. I like that song.’ But that’s the shit that niggas talk about.”
Addressing the success of Odd Future and Tyler’s own self-branding, Vince said, “Tyler did a lot.”
“Tyler made Tyler,” he added. “Can’t nobody take credit for that man. Tyler made Tyler. Period. That’s what’s up. You can’t hate on that. That don’t got nothing to do with nobody. Tyler made Tyler. He figured out what he wanted to do. He figured out his lane. He figured out his plan. When niggas was trying to hate on him he made it on his own doing what he had to do. If you got a problem with that then you just a piece of shit. It don’t involve you. Tyler’s whole thing involves him and his friends and people that he fuck with in that manner specifically. If that doesn’t apply to you, I don’t see why anybody would have the need to hate on him. A lot of people do but, it’s cool to be a hater. It’s cool to not fuck with shit nowadays.”
Detailing his connection to Frank Ocean, Staples explained being close friends with the singer’s cousin.
“Yeah, his cousin is my homie,” he said. “His little cousin is one of my real, real close niggas. So I know him through that.”
When asked if he was surprised when Ocean came out as gay in 2012, Vince said, “I didn’t care.”
“Niggas is gay bruh,” he said. “Some niggas is gay, some niggas is straight. That’s life. That ain’t got nothing to do with me. I feel like when niggas care about that, you probably gay. You like, ‘Man, this nigga gay, that shit weird man.’ Why you feel so pressure? You feel like you gotta be next in line? That’s how I look at it. What’s your problem?”
When prodded about his own view of artists choosing whether or not to work with the singer because of his sexual orientation, Staples maintained that it’s not his concern.
“I personally don’t care if anybody works with Frank Ocean ‘cause that don’t got nothing to do with me,” he said. “Your reason for not working with Frank Ocean is stupid. I don’t even know why that would be a situation. If you don’t wanna work with a nigga you don’t wanna work with a nigga. That’s not hurting his pockets. He gon’ be okay. Are you gon’ be okay if you don’t wanna work with Frank Ocean? I’m pretty sure Frank Ocean ain’t reaching out to motherfuckers like, ‘Hey, let me get a hot 16.’ You know what I mean? People just take themselves too seriously. Motherfuckers care about themselves too much. They feel like they special. Everybody a person. Ain’t nobody better than the next man, no matter what he doing. We live in a world where you fuck with a nigga is he say he sell cocaine to somebody baby mama and he done killed 50 niggas today before he recorded the song in the studio. But as soon as a nigga is gay the nigga’s a weirdo. Nigga, that’s a fucked up perception to have. I don’t give a fuck what nobody do if it don’t apply to me or my family or my people. If you don’t nothing to me I don’t care who you are, what you do, who you fucking, what kind of food you like. That’s your shit. That ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else.”