Ludacris Hits The Net In Search Of "Celebrity Chick" Look- A-Likes

ImageLudacris' Disturbing The Peace label has teamed up with image sharing website for a "Celebrity Chick" Look-a-Like Contest.


The contest, which is being held from now until October 1, encourages contestants to log-in to their Photobucket accounts and submit pictures and/or videos of themselves, indicating what female celebrity they think they most resemble. The winner will be selected based on creativity, originality and how much they actually look like the star in which they are trying to pass themselves off as.

The contest is also being used to promote DTP's latest single, "Celebrity Chick," featuring Ludacris, Chingy, Steph Jones and Small World from the compilation Strength In Numbers, released earlier this year. The song will also be available on Photobucket for users to create remixes of their photos and videos with music from the popular single.

"I'm really excited about this single because it is Chingy's re-introduction to the world as a member of DTP and it also allows two of my very talented new artists, Steph Jones and Small World, a chance to shine," Ludacris said via a statement. "I love feeding off the energy of my fans, so I'm excited to see what they bring out for Photobucket's 'Celebrity Chick' Look-a-Like contest."

The winner will receive their own spot in the Photobucket / "Celebrity Chick" "remix" fan music video as well as receive a prize pack which including t-shirts, posters and an autographed CD from DTP.

"Teens are all about using digital media to inject a real sense of personality into online activities," said Alex Welch, President of Photobucket. "This is the latest example of entertainment brands using new sponsorship models to reach key social networking demographics. This contest is a great way for DTP Records to interact with this highly engaged audience."

Contestants can log onto for their chance to win. Winners are set to be announced the week of October 8.

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