Eminem Discusses Rihanna Tour Experience, Thoughts On Detroit Lions' Season

Eminem, who recently wrapped work with Rihanna on their The Monster Tour, says it was a fun experience to tour with the Pop star. 
"It's good," he says in an interview with Shade 45. "It's fun. It's a good time. I'm a man of the people. I'm very much a people person." 
When asked how he picked the setlist cuts, the emcee said he is always making changes to the list of songs he performs. 
"We always try to keep the setlist updated," he says. "If it means going back to older records or throwing new ones in there, we don't ever want to get stale and doing the same shit." 
Beyond speaking about the tour, Eminem also addressed the upcoming NFL season and his favorite team, Detroit Lions. 
"I never say the Lions are gonna do good or bad," he says. "I never want to jinx that. The Lions overall are my favorite team. It's gonna be interesting to see how [Coach Jim] Caldwell fits into the scheme of things and how everybody works with him. It's gonna be interesting, man. We've got a lot of talent, man." 
The emcee, who also lists Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys as teams he also likes, goes on in the interview to talk about movies he enjoys. 
"Step Brothers is one of my favorite movies," he says. "I'm a really big fan of movies like that, Superbad, Knocked Up."