The Breakfast Club Leaks Audio Of Floyd Mayweather Jr Struggling To Read

America illiteracy is a problem…except in Hip Hop. Earlier today (August 22nd), Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” leaked audio of Floyd Mayweather Jr struggling to read following 50 Cent challenging the acclaimed boxer to read a page of grade-school level books.

Last May, Floyd Mayweather Jr appeared on The Breakfast Club and recorded a promotional “drop” for iHeartRadio’s “Show Your Stripes” campaign, which debuted the month after. Following 50 Cent’s reading challenge to Mayweather Jr, The Breakfast Club released audio in which Mayweather Jr had trouble pronouncing “iHeartRadio”, saying the full promo without error and various complications.

Check out Power 105. 1 “The Breakfast Club”‘s leaked audio of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s reading struggles below: