Big Sean and Curren$y Collaborate For Coors Light Axis (VIDEO)

Red Bull, Pepsi, Coors Light. Brands established on internationally recognized beverages now are helping produce original music and put on concerts. Recently it was announced that Curren$y and Big Sean will be collaborating as a part of Coors Light Axis.

For Coors Light Axis, Curren$y and Big Sean will not only record two songs together, but will also put on two shows in New Orleans and New York. Big Sean will also participate in a Q&A video session answer fans’ questions.

Currem$y explained how the topics of his lyrics have changed as he’s progressed through the music industry:

    As I’m more successful, I’m getting more money. In the beginning when I was working on my mixtapes, the most I could talk about was changing a carburetor on a car, because that was about all that I could pay for. Now, I’m doing other things so..that’s why it’s like that. So, that’s how my sound evolved.

The New Orleans show is set for August 14th and the New York show is set for August 22nd.

Check out Curren$y and Big Sean speak with Coors Light Axis about recording together, their music evolution and more: