50 Cent Bodyguard Under Investigation For Assaulting Man and Teenage Son

50 Cent may or may not be used to fans videotaping him in public. Earlier today (August 6th), 50 Cent’s bodyguard was accused of assaulting a man and his teenage son attempting to videotape 50 Cent and his son.

TMZ reports that while 50 Cent and his son were at Burbank Town Center in Burbank, CA this Sunday (August 3rd) Lazzeri Frazier and his 16 year old son began recording the rap star. 50 Cent’s bodyguard proceeded to snatch the phone out of their hands and engaged in a verbal confrontation with Frazier that turned physical. Frazier’s son, who attempted to stop the fight, claims that 50 Cent’s bodyguard punched him in the face.

50 Cent refused to cooperate with police, however after witnesses corroborated reports, his bodyguard was placed under criminal investigation.