Swizz Beatz Says Cassidy Is "Upset" Over Murder Trial

 Days after Cassidy was convicted for involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault, SOHH.com spoke exclusively with his producer/friend Swizz Beatz.

As SOHH reported earlier this week, the Philadelphia MC (born Barry Reese) was sentenced to 11 ½ to 23 months in prison for the murder of Desmond Hawkins and wounding Hawkins' friends Bobby Hoyle and Daniel Irvin. Given that Cassidy was initially facing a murder charge, Swizz said Common Pleas Judge Jane Culter Greenspan's decision was "an excellent choice."

"[Cassidy] is definitely feeling sorry for the family," Swizz told SOHH.com. "And he is definitely upset with himself for even being in that type of situation, especially with somebody that he knew-killing somebody that he knew."

With seven months of his sentence already served, Cassidy could be released as early as May. So, what's the self-proclaimed "Problem" going to do once he is free?

"He wants to bond with his family for a little while, get situated," said the Full Surface label honcho. "He's gone to come up with a game plan. The studio is always there for him. He's definitely fiending to get into the booth."

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