Game, Lil Durk Confrontation Video Released

Game and Lil Durk confronted one another yesterday (June 28) in a Los Angeles, California nightclub, according to MTV.

Both rappers had an entourage with them. The confrontation was caught on camera. One person can be heard saying the two camps should meet outside.

In May, Game dissed Lil Durk on "ChiRaq To L.A."

"I don't fuck with no new niggas," Game rhymes on the track. "They like to sue, no woo, nigga / Tyga hit me like 'Durk dissing' / Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk who, nigga? / Never heard of these niggas.

"Lil Durk under a lil dirt," Game adds. "And nobody knows you / This ain't what they want / Nobody knows you / Bitch I thought that was Future's song / I'm bout to show you / You done caught yourself a lil L, dog / Man, nobody knows you / You heard of Lil Durk? Nigga, hell nah."

This month, Durk was asked about which woman he looks at and wants to say hello to. His reply: "Game wife."