Kanye West Intentionally Refuses To Say Jay Z’s Name During Bonaroo & X Games Performances (VIDEO)

Maybe it’s (fake) sibling rivalry or Kanye just coincidentally forgot the same lyric every time, but Mr. West has seemed to have sent a subliminal shot at his Big Brother.

In little over a week, Kanye West performed at the 2014 X-Games and 2014 Bonaroo festival. Always unpredictable, one constant that ran through both performances was Kanye;’s noticeable omission of Jay Z’s name in songs that mentioned the Roc Nation boss. During “Cold”, Touch The Sky” and “Blood on The Leaves”, Kanye can be heard altering lyrics to not mention his Watch The Throne collaborator.

For example on “Blood on the Leaves” Kanye says “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to [pause], he ain’t with you, he with Beyonce”, possibly implying his gripe is with only one half of The Carter family. Rumors have circulated that the apparent slight to Jay Z derives from Jay Z and Beyonce missing West’s wedding last month.

Check out Kanye West omit Jay Z’s name from “Cold” and “Blood on the Leaves” below:


Blood on the Leaves