Wiz Khalifa Explains How He Lied To Take Selfie In Jail Cell, Alter Ego + More (VIDEO)

This past Sunday, Wiz Khalifa performed at the Soundset Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota, after spending eight hours in jail for marijuana possession. In a recent interview with Sway’s Universe, Wiz Khalifa explains how he was able to take a  cell phone photo in jail, his meal and more.

While in jail, Wiz sent a selfie from the holding cell to his personal Twitter account. According to Wiz, he had to use his wife Amber Rose in order to take the photo:

He was swoll, ’cause I was like ‘yo, can I get that phone? I really need to call my wife. I need to tell her what happened. Then, he gave me that phone and I said ‘selfie. [Laughs]

After stating that “over 10″ El Paso Police officers asked for his autograph following his arrest, Wiz explains why he was so generous:

Honestly, because I take it like this: Those people in there weren’t the people who arrested me. So, that does not make them not supporters or fans. So, I’m not going to sh*t on them. Nah

While Wiz admits that “every time I get locked up, I only eat the fruit”, the Pittsburg MC revealed how the arrest was a sign from the universe:

When I say ‘Trap Wiz’, I kind of created a character in my head that I was able to live through and put a whole bunch of energy into that I wouldn’t be able to get away with if I was Wiz Khalifa. Just the way the universe works, everything became understandable and like, laid itself out. Especially with me going to jail it’s like ‘Oh, this is like a real vibe. Trap Wiz is real.

Check out the full interview below: