Company Wants To Sue Rick Ross For $200k But Can’t Find Him

British promoter Christian Ezechie of Executive Decision is looking for Rick Ross in order to serve him papers, but he cannot seem to find him, according to a recent report.

Ezechie allegedly booked Rozay and the MMG crew for a show in the UK, but claims the entertainers took his $200,000, never to perform.

Page Six reports:

During the promoter’s attempts to find Ross, a registered address for Rick Ross Touring in Miami turned out to be “a UPS store,” lawyers for Ezechie claim. A process server sent to Ross’ Miami home this week was told by a man inside, “I don’t know,” when asked how to reach him. And at Ross’ gigs, “process servers are hesitant to serve him while he is surrounded by security guards,” papers claim. Ironically, Ross is a former Florida correctional officer.

“It’s blatant robbery he’s doing, and he’s an artist worth $50 million,” exclaims Ezechie, who alleges he advanced Ross $100,000, plus about the same amount for the other Maybach acts.

He added he’s promoted gigs for Usher, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, but that “the Rick Ross Maybach Music tour was the biggest we have carried out.” Ezechie’s lawyer, Robert Hantman, said of Ross, “We are prepared to track him to the ends of the earth.”

The Mayback Music honcho was not available for comment.