Papoose Calls On Jay Z To Attend Five-Percent Nation Event In Harlem

In the latest release of a string of VladTV interview segments, Papoose encouraged Jay Z to attend an annual Five-Percent Nation affiliated event. Referencing the Show And Prove Educational & Science Fair in Harlem, Papoose said he “would like to see [Jay Z] come out there and do something positive for the people.”

Initially speaking on the need to release music consistently in the current environment, Pap said “once a year was considered consistent” previously.

“Exactly,” he added in reference to the belief that the once-a-year model is outdated. “So they do other things. They find gimmicks and things that keep them alive. Which is cool. I’m not here to knock that. But I’m just saying, if we gonna wear these titles and make these claims about who we are, let’s live up to it. That’s all I’m saying. I don’t feel like a lot of these dudes are consistent.

“I’m not really here to be concerned with what another man is doing,” he added. “I’m just focusing on myself and what I need to do to be productive. I’m here to show and prove and that’s that.

“Another thing too, since you asked me about him earlier, Jay Z been wearing the flag on his neck,” Papoose continued. “I would like to see him at the Show & Prove. The Annual Show & Prove we do every year where they bring the babies out and it’s just a positive environment. Every year we do it. This year, if I’m not mistaken, it’s gonna be at the Apollo. I come out there and represent. Kay Slay come out. A couple artists came out in the past. Rakim, the list goes on. But yo he representing that flag I would like to see him come out there and do something positive for the people.”

Papoose's mention of Jay Z's wearing the flag is in reference to the rapper's sporadically donning a pendant of the Five-Percent Nation's Universal Flag.

In a separate segment of the interview released earlier this month, Papoose spoke at length about his own comments and stance that he’s a better lyricist than Jay Z.

“I mean you gotta take your hat off to the dude on a business level, but we just talking about what we do, this craft,” he said. “A lot of people try to take you away from this and put other things in the way to insinuate that being a gangster or having money makes you a great artist. That doesn’t make you a lyricist. That makes you what it is. So, you know, lyrically he can’t fuck with me. Period.”

The rapper later said “I think he’s okay” of Jay Z’s lyricism.

“I don’t think he’s an incredible lyricist but I wouldn’t say he was wack. I think he’s okay. He’s not wack but I don’t think he’s incredible lyrically...Lyrically I don’t think he’s what a lot of people think he is. You might have people who disagree with me, they entitled to that, but I just go off of a person’s work and what they put out there. As far as that pen-game is concerned, it’s not that potent.”