Donald Sterling: The Los Angeles Clippers Are “Not For Sale” (VIDEO)

Either NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was lying during the press conference or Donald Sterling is simply haughty. Ealier today, Fox Sports’ reporter Jim Gray revealed what Sterling informed him of prior to Adam Silver’s press conference.

While Silver stated that Sterling’s representatives were informed of the punishment before the press conference, Gray says that Sterling informed him that he had not yet been informed of the punishment. The phone conversation between Gray and Sterling occurred prior to the press conference and Sterling made his intentions with the Clippers very clear:

He said he really did not want to comment on the record, but the team is NOT for sale. And he will not be selling the team.

Silver handed down a Banned For Life sentence towards Sterling and stated the process to begin voting him out of ownership would commence immediately. Under the NBA bylaws, an NBA owner can only be voted out of ownership if 3/4 of the NBA owners vote in its favor.

Check out Jim Gray explain his conversation with Donald Sterling: