Soulja Boy Addresses Lean Use

Soulja Boy recently reportedly said that he is "mad as hell" that Actavis has said it's stopping its production of cough syrup due to it being used to make lean.

"Actavis is running away from money," Soulja Boy says, according to TMZ. "They could be selling out everywhere."

Soulja Boy reportedly drinks Actavis while traveling in order to sleep, the site says. He is also reportedly "rallying his friends together in a petition drive," according to the publication. Besides using Actavis for sleeping purposes, Soulja Boy acknowledges his consumption of lean, also.

"As far as the lean goes, just know I been had the juice since 2011," he says.

These are different points than those made by Boosie last week. At the time, Boosie spoke against the use of lean. "[Lean has] fucked up a lot of rappers and the culture of Hip Hop," Boosie said. "Once you on, it's hard to get off...It's damn near impossible."