Pusha T: "I'm Not Really Listening To Much Rap"

Due to his status as a prominent rapper, some might think Pusha T listens to a lot of Rap music, but the Clipse emcee says that's not the case, at least at the moment.

"I'm not really listening to much rap," he says in an interview with SKEE TV. "Right now on the daily, I listen to Jhene Aiko. I like her a lot. I like her music. I was sort of last on it, too. I saw her video with Childish Gambino and it was just a good song. It was one of those things where I had been seen that video and it just clicked. I was like, 'Man, I want that record.' I went, downloaded the EP, bought it and I've been listening to it a lot."

In November 2013, Aiko spoke about filming the music video for "Bed Peace" with Childish Gambino.

"We were high," Aiko said. "There’s a part in the video where we pass the vape. It’s called a Pax and it’s a very discrete vaporizer. You can’t even see the vapes. It was really funny because I had drinks out for all the extras, smoking. We were just having a lot of fun. He gets like that when he’s high. [Laughs]. We were both being very awkward. After we hit that couple of times, we were like, 'We’re in bed together all day? Wait a minute.'"

The music video is below.