Turk Responds To Drake's Comments About Recreating The Big Tymers

Close to one year ago, Young Money rapper Lil Wayne revealed that there was a “possibility” that a Big Tymers reunion album would be released in the future. Although the duo consisted of Birdman and former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh, Wayne made no mention of Mannie Fresh and instead stated that they would be “adding Drake.”
New Orleans rapper Turk, who was a member of the Hot Boys around the time the Big Tymers were also signed to Cash Money, recently addressed the possibility of a new Big Tymers album. According to Turk, groups like the Hot Boys, Cash Money Millionaires, and the Big Tymers can never be duplicated.
“To answer that question, man. Big Tymers can’t be duplicated,” he said while speaking to Vlad TV. “And Drake knew that. You know what I’m saying? Salute to Drake. Shout out to Drake. But you can’t never make another Hot Boys. You can’t never make another Big Tymers. You can’t never make a Cash Money Millionaires, which is all six of us. They can’t be duplicated. Just like you can’t make another Drake. You can’t make another Nicki Minaj. You can’t make another Wayne. You can’t make another one of those. We all had our own identity. We brought different chemistry to that time when we was together. He’ll probably call it the new Big Tymers, but it wouldn’t be the same. It just would be another group.”
Turk was also asked about Drake releasing his own version of Juvenile’s 1999 record, “Back That Azz Up.” He gave props to the Canadian singer/rapper for paying homage with the song and also gave credit to Migos and Young Thug for paying homage as well.
“Man, he paid homage,” Turk said. “I think it’s good when I see artists—Like Gucci Mane he just shouted me out in a song. He said ‘Free Turk. He home’ or something he said. Him and Young Thug. I salute artists like Migos. They got a song ‘Hot Boys.’ A lot of those artists that’s out right now they grew up on the Hot Boys. You know? They was influenced by the Hot Boys. We influenced a lot of them. So, when I see them paying homage, man, it’s like respect.”
Months after Lil Wayne revealed that a new Big Tymers album may be released, Drake responded to those who criticized his addition to such an album, during an interview with MTV in August of last year.
“I think I heard about it or watched some of it but—and then I got like people being like, ‘You’ll never be a Big Tymer. Your shit is terrible.’ Just like going off on me,” Drake said. “I’m not the one being like, ‘Oh, I’m a new Big Tymer.’ I’m down to work on anything. Birdman calls me to work on something, I’mma work on it.”