Fat Joe Says He Never Thought He'd Appear On A Song With 50 Cent

At the top of this year, Hip Hop fans may have been taken aback when former rivals Fat Joe and 50 Cent appeared on DJ Kay Slay’s, “Free Again.” The pair ended their feud almost two years ago at the BET Hip Hop Awards prior to the Chris Lighty tribute, but it was unclear if the two rappers would ever appear on a record together.

When asked about his collab with 50 and DJ Kay Slay during an interview with Complex, Fat Joe expressed his own shock at hearing a track that features both him and the Queens rapper. He then commented on the presence of unity and positivity in today’s Hip Hop.

“I never thought I’d hear a track with 50 Cent and Fat Joe. You would never hear that, right? And it’s great that there’s more unity in Hip Hop. More positivity,” he said.

The Bronx lyricist also spoke on “Off The Bat,” his new MTV show with Melanie Iglesias. On the show, which premieres tonight (April 2), the lives of Major League Baseball players outside of the field are detailed.

“The good folks at MTV contacted me,” Fat Joe said. “And I was like ‘Wow, baseball has been around for so many years as America’s past time.’ But believe it or not, throughout all those years they’ve never had a TV show like this. For years I loved the Yankees, but I never really knew what Reggie Jackson did. I never really knew what Mariano—What was his favorite music or what his hobby was…One thing I learned is that they love, love, love Hip Hop. We tend to think basketball, football, Hip Hop. There’s a big disconnect that we know that this show’s gonna bring together.”

Fat Joe later revealed the names of his favorite baseball players. Among the athletes he named were Thurman Munson, Reggie Jackson, and Derek Jeter.

During an interview with Complex last month, 50 Cent revealed that his beef with Fat Joe and a handful of other artists stemmed from his issues with fellow Queens rapper Ja Rule.

“My issues with Fat Joe. My issues with Jada and the entire LOX. These things came from my Ja Rule issue,” he said. “It came from them trying to help him. I can’t let you help him while I’m destroying him… Everybody gotta get some of this until they leave him alone and he just goes off to be buried.”