Schoolboy Q Claims Delaware Rapper Stole His Verse For New Song

Upcoming reality show pitch: Everybody Pisses Off Q. Today (March 22nd), Schoolboy Q went to his personal Twitter account to reveal that Delaware rapper Jem Cretes stole his verse for his new song, “Hustle 101″.

Yesterday (March 21st), Delaware MC Jem Cretes released the song “Hustle 101″ featuring Schoolboy Q on the first verse. According to Q himself, the song did not result from a collaboration but from thievery of an old verse of Q’s:

While Schoolboy was apparently upset by the “Hustle 101” controversy, however did not reveal any punitive actions he will take on Jem Cretes. However, Q made sure to declare that he will have all the members of Black Hippy not do interviews with the publications that released the song “knowing it’s old”: Jem Cretes quickly took to his personal Twitter account to refute Q’s claims of theft, stating that Q had full knowledge that the verse he recorded would be used for a Hustle 101 project. Cretes also accuses Schoolboy Q of not robbing someone himself: