Lil Boosie Releases 1st Picture and Freestyle Since Leaving Prison (VIDEO)

Jail seems to have been a great place for Boosie to hit the gym and the pen. Today (March 6th) Boosie releases the first picture and freestyle since his release from prison yesterday (March 5th).

Last night, Boosie completed his prison sentence for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance. Later that night, Boosie wasted no time to talk to his fans and sent a tweet from his personal Twitter seemingly referencing his song “Touch Down To Cause Hell”:

A picture of Boosie was released later:

Boosie released his first form of original music since his release in a video recorded freestyle while in a car. Entitled “The Ride Home (Freestyle), Boosie makes references of still being a “shooter”, but acknowledges that he has to be smarter:

Still a shooter, still moving, but I got my mind right/now I’m way richer/what that mean?/I’m way bigger.

Check out both parts of Boosie’s “The Ride Home (Freestyle)”:

Part 2