DMX's Dogs Found During Raid Sent For Testing

ImageA Maricopa County Sheriff revealed yesterday (August 29) that the carcasses of three dogs found during the raid of DMX's Arizona home this past weekend have been sent to forensic scientists in Atlanta to discover the cause of their death.


Maricopa County Sheriff deputies searched X's house on Friday morning (August 25) and seized 12 distraught pit bulls and weapons. A day later, the deputies would unearth the three dog carcasses in the backyard and find a chalky substance they believed to be cocaine or methamphetamine in his master bedroom.

The chalky substance would turn out not to be a drug but authorities would reveal they found a "useable quantity" of marijuana. DMX (born Earl Simmons) was not present when the raid took place and has not charged or arrested.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio told The Arizona Republic on Wednesday that the results of the necropsies will be used as evidence for possible charges of animal cruelty against DMX.

"That could be important evidence in our case," Arapaio said.

Murray Richaman, DMX's lawyer, has claimed his client has not been in the home for two months and had hired a caretaker for the dogs who was identified by Arapaio yesterday as Brad Blackwell.

According to the sheriff's search warrant, Blackwell told deputies that he warned X that he could only feed and water the dogs for a couple days before he headed out for vacation on August 23.

Richman claims Blackwell was in town on August 24 and called him about the raid. He also argued that that Blackwell should have continued to take care of the dogs.

"Blackwell was getting paid and had taken care of the dogs for at least two months," Richman said.

Richman also added that the controversy caused by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick pleading guilty to running a dog fighting operation has focused the attention on his client.

Arpaio refused to say whether the pit bulls were used in dog fighting but said the animals appeared malnourished and bruised.

"Maybe they were fighting over food," Arpaio said

Arapaio revealed he is awaiting findings from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives about the guns seized and also waiting for the identity of the chalky substance.

Richman declined to reveal DMX's whereabouts but said if an arrest warrant were issued, his client would cooperate with authorities.

This marks the second time DMX has been linked to cruelty to animals. In 2002, X pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in New Jersey for reportedly neglecting 13 pit bulls.

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