Game Says G-Unit Reunion Not Happening (VIDEO)

When footage of Game and Young Buck working together surfaced online a few weeks ago some G-Unit fans thought the rap collective may be on the verge of making a full reunion. Game squashed any hope of a reconciliation with G-Unit leader 50 Cent while appearing on a recent episode of The Arsenio Hall Show.

The late night talk show host asked the West Coast emcee if he and 50 are getting closer to reconnecting. Game’s response was short and definitive, but he does hint that something may have been in the works.

“Nah, we couldn’t be further a part,” says Game. “We tried.”

While the G-Unit reunion seems to be off for now, Game was open to the idea at one point. He promoted an online petition in January calling for him, Buck, 50, Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks to come back together.

“It’s about time we gave the world what they want, a ‘Reunion’, there is no doubt that if the group reformed they would smash their way to the top again,” stated a message posted on the petition’s website. It currently has nearly 14,000 signatures.