Kanye West Yells At Sway Calloway On Air, “You Ain’t Got The Answers, Sway”

Kanye West gave Sway his first TV and today (November 26th) gave him one of hist angriest interviews of all time. During an interview on Shade45, Sway questioned Kanye’s tactics of entering the fashion world and Kanye let loose a barrage of inflammatory comments aimed at Sway’s former clothing line, knowledge of the fashion industry and more.

After ranting “you ain’t got the answers, Sway”, Kanye eventually articulated his frustration with Sway’s question regarding why Kanye doesn’t empower himself instead of tearing down companies:

This industry of what I’m trying ot get into. Ain’t nobody never broke down. Ain’t nobody broke down. We all slaves, I ain’t trying to disrespect you on your show. [...] Y’all ain’t experience nothing but a moment out of the movie out of Glory. Back in the days, the slaves had enough money they could buy their own freedom. We slaves to Nike. We slaves to Benz. We slaves to public perception.

Check out a fan-recorded video of Kanye West and Sway Calloway’s heated exchange below: