Ab-Soul Discusses Illuminati, Jay Z & Nas Teachings

Ab-Soul, who is currently completing his untitled upcoming album, recently spoke about his views on Illuminati and Hip Hop. During a recent interview with Miami New Times, Ab-Soul was asked who first introduced him to views of "an elitist world-economic structure or groups such as Illuminati."

"Shit, man, probably Hip Hop," Ab-Soul says in the interview. "Probably heard about the Illuminati through Hip Hop, to be honest with you. I've learned most of the things I know through Hip Hop music. You know what I'm saying? You listen to Jay Z and Nas and you'll learn a whole lot."

Ab-Soul continues to discuss his views on Illuminati in a follow-up answer.

"The root word of Illuminati is illuminate," he says. "It means to be enlightened."

During the interview, Ab-Soul is also asked about how he reacted when Jay Z mentioned him on Twitter.

"Shit, I shed a tear," Soul said. "What you expect? He was not supposed to hit me back. [Laughs] He was not supposed to hit me back. I was with the homies shooting craps in the hood. That was crazy."

Ab-Soul references Jay Z, along with other emcees, on "ILLuminate," a selection off his 2012 project, #ControlSystem.

“I used to want to rap like Jay Z," Ab-Soul raps on the track. "Now I feel I can run laps 'round Jay Z / Nas ain’t seen nothing this nasty / Big and 'Pac got it coming when I pass too / You got the mic? I ain't the one you wanna pass to.”