Drake Discusses Family Ties In Memphis & "Worst Behavior" Video

Drake, who filmed his "Worst Behavior" video in Memphis, Tennessee recently, spoke about how the video may shed light on a part of his life that has been overlooked, according to the Toronto rapper.

“My family is like two different worlds and I feel like people only acknowledge one half of it,” Drake said in an interview with vibe.com. “I have a lot of family that I love very deeply [in Memphis]. But if anybody knows anything about the South and how it is, it’s tough to go around people who could use your help and you can’t help everybody. It’s like a guilt or a burden that comes over me, so I hadn’t gone to Memphis in a long time.”

During the interview, Drake also spoke about the fact that he has not addressed his family in Memphis.

“I kind of refused to address my real thing that I have there, which is vast family,” Drake said. “It’s always going to be tough. It was tough during the video. You want to see everybody do well... Instead of running from it, I just embraced it and shot this incredible, beautiful video with my beautiful family and helped out as many people as I could while I was there. Now I can’t wait to go back.”

Drake says the video may change peoples' perceptions about him.

“It’s going to be eye-opening for people,” Drake said. “I’m sure people will try and challenge me, but it’s gonna be something for people to see, like, ‘Man, this is crazy. I didn’t know shit was like that for that guy.’ Maybe it explains a little more.”