Young Jeezy To Def Jam: Either Get My Album Right Or I’m Leaking It

Twitter has given a voice to the voiceless, a name to the nameless and an international microphone for the loquacious celebrities to vent. Young Jeezy decided to indulge in social media venting to address his distaste with how Def Jam has handled his as-of-yet untitled new album.

In his Twitter diatribe, Jeezy claimed that there was mismanagement on his upcoming album on the part of Def Jam:

Jeezy also implied that Bary Weiss, current Def Jam CEO/Chairman of The Island Def Jam Music is not working as hard as former CEO/Chairman, L.A. Reid:

In the end, Jeezy pulled the one move every artist who has felt they are constrained by their label has threatened to do since the dawn of (record business) time: Leak the album himself.

Jeezy announced that his upcoming album was “coming soon” in September and the song “In My Mind” would serve as the first single. The last Jeezy song to chart on Billboard was 2012′s “R.I.P.” featuring 2 Chainz. A point of contention for Jeezy could be that his rival and labelmate Rick Ross’ new album, Mastermind has not only been announced and promoted with singles but has had multiple release dates before its final December 17th date was selected.