Nelly Discusses Dr. Dre Studio Session, Possibly For "Detox"

St. Louis, Missouri based rapper Nelly was recently in the studio with Dr. Dre.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Nelly was asked about his studio session with Dre and what project the two were working on. He hinted that they were working mostly on Dre's album.

"Just ideas he was gathering, I guess for Detox or for whatever project we were doing," Nelly said when asked if they were working on Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album. "We were basically vibing out."

Nelly also said the two were creating ideas together for use on each of their projects.

"We were just coming up with ideas," he said. "A lot of times you may just be in there collaborating and seeing whatever comes up. So the ideas we were doing were just random ideas and things that we were coming up with–certain things he may use on Detox, certain things he may use (otherwise). Dre works in mysterious ways."

During the interview, Nelly also addressed fusing Country with Hip Hop.

"I think people are looking at things wrong when they try to do that," he said when asked about Hip Hop and Country music collaborating. "It's not about one music embracing another, it's about fans that appreciate the collaboration. It's not about Country music embracing Hip Hop or Hip Hop embracing Country music, that's not what that's about, it's for people that like the collaboration.

"Everybody's not going to like the collaboration," he continued. "Everybody don't like R&B mixed with Hip Hop. As funny as that may sound because you see it happen all the time, everybody don't like it, and it's the same thing with every genre of music. It just so happens that that came together and we had a lot of people that supported it."

Nelly has had endeavors in the Country music scene. Aside from his 9-times Platinum-selling debut album, Country Grammar, featuring themes of country life, in April he was featured on a remix of the highly popular single "Cruise," by Country music duo Florida Georgia Line.

Watch Vlad TV's full interview with Nelly below: