Ab-Soul Says Kendrick Lamar Is Not His Boss (VIDEO)

Ab-Soul has no qualms with speaking about his groupmate/”brother” Kendrick Lamar but he does want to clear up the group’s perception. In a recent interview with Montreality, the Control System rapper addressed his threat of leaving Black Hippy, what is holding a Black Hippy album back and more.

While Soul Brother #2 says in the interview that a Black Hippy album will happen “when that check is right”, he also takes time out to address his previous tweet threatening to leave Black Hippy:

I don’t want people to think Kendrick is Lil’ Wayne or 50 Cent. It’s not G-Unit. My boss is not Kendrick. Kendrick didn’t sign me. Kendrick didnt add me to his group. This was a collective long before there was Black Hippy.

Soul says his untitled upcoming project is a “diverse body of work” that will be arriving soon, however gave no concrete details on the project. He also gives a succinct reaction to Kendrick Lamar appearing on the song “Love Game” from Eminem’s upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2:

Eminem would be foolish not to have him on his album

Check out the full interview where Ab-Soul speaks on wanting to get “Reasonable Doubt Jay Z” on a song, the realest lyrics he ever wrote and more: