Cee Lo Green Cleared Of Sexual Assault Charges, Not Of Drug Possession

Cee Lo Green just arrived at the best logical scenario involving his sexual assault charge dating back to July of 2012. According to TMZ’s source, the Los Angeles District Attorney will dismiss the sexual assault case against Cee Lo.

As reported previously, an unidentified woman claimed Cee Lo Green drugged her with ecstasy as they partied at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant in July of 2012. The woman further claimed she woke up the next morning, naked and with no recollection of the prior night’s events in a room with the Gnarls Barkley singer.

The sexual assault case is being dismissed due to not only lack of evidence but conflicting facts. According to TMZ, the District Attorney had trouble believing Cee Lo Green raped the woman as the two had dated and had been intimate for months prior to the incident.

While Cee Lo can breathe a sigh of relief that he won’t be a registered sex offender, he will be charged with one count of “furnishing ecstasy” and will likely be put under probation.