Pusha T Says His Lyricism Is "Up There" With Jay Z's

On "King Push," a selection off his new album, My Name Is My Name, Pusha T crowns himself the "best D-Boy." He also compares himself to Jay Z.


"All I'm missing is a dash," Pusha raps on the track. "Difference between me and Hova."

Pusha elaborated on this line during a recent interview.

"People look at Jay in a certain light as far as lyrics, street lyrics and D-Boy lyrics," Pusha T said. "There's a certain level of sophistication that people have alwys put on Jay. He's earned it, but I feel like I'm up there, as well. I feel like this is somebody who lives it. This is somebody who's there. This is somebody who's in the mix of it. I don't want to be overlooked in no way, shape or form when it comes to street Hip Hop or any accolades that I feel are given to any artists that speak of this type of content. I always want to be compared. Jay's the best living, so compare me to his greatness, especially if we're talking about this. If we're talking about the streets. I hear a lot of people saying things like, 'The crown,' and all this and all that, but if we're talking about that and we're talking about streets and lyric-driven Hip Hop, I need to be in that conversation at all times, so I just put myself there. If nobody else wants to say it, I'll say it."

In a separate interview, Pusha T elaborated on his respect for Jay Z, Dame Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke. When asked about his line on "King Push" regarding Jay Z and Dame Dash, Pusha said that he feels he would be more successful if Dame Dash was assisting him in his career today.

"Oh my God," Pusha T said. "It would have been extremely serious. If there was a true Dash with Pusha T now, it would be extremely serious...I was a fan of the trifecta, of those three, Hov, Dame and Biggs. They all brought something to the table to me. I always admired Hov for being great. I always admired Dame for being brash and believing in his man. I admired the mystique of Biggs...They were the ones who basically lived out the dream. Music was the come up. They got it. They won. Those three guys in general were definite inspirations to me."

In September, Pusha spoke about "King Push" to MTV.

"When it comes to this D-Boy Rap, I don't think there's anybody better than me," Pusha T said. "They gave it the title 'Coke Rap.' I really don't even like the title. The first record I heard was about the streets. It was called 'The Message.' They didn't give it a title of 'Coke Rap.' It was just about the reality of life and what's going on right now. I just feel like there's nobody as intricate as me when it comes to this."

Pusha's interview with thesource.com can be viewed below.