Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Interview With Kanye West

On Wednesday (October 9), Kanye West appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" The appearance was highly-anticipated, following a feud between Kanye and Kimmel, when West expressed his outrage on Twitter at Kimmel's spoof of a recent interview of the rapper on BBC Radio 1.


During the interview, West explained why he was upset at Kimmel's spoof, and delved into his opinion of himself and discussed his mother.

On Thursday (October 10), in an interview with Grantland, Kimmel gave an interview of his own, expressing his opinion on how the interview with Kanye Went.

Kimmel was asked how he felt conducting an interview where the interviewee did the majority of the talking. "Well, y'know — one thing I learned on the radio is the value of shutting up and listening," said Kimmel. "He had a lot to say and he seemed very passionate and I felt like I was absorbed by it, and I thought the audience was too. They told me afterward that in the green room you could hear a pin drop, which is rare. Usually no one in the green room is paying any attention to the show."

The talk show host delved into his thoughts about why Kanye was so upset at being spoofed. "Yeah. I think [Kanye] said it best. I think he said that he reads and sees a lot of things that frustrate him, and the difference is that in this case he was able to call me, whereas he isn't able to call TMZ or whatever it is that bothers him. And I have to say, I did relate to a lot of the things that he said."

Kimmel continued, explaining that he was able to personally relate to Kanye's frustrations, as they mirrored some of the career difficulties Kimmel faced. "Personally, I went through many situations where people hold what you're good at against you. I was a very good producer when I was on the radio, and I'd write comedy for the guys I worked with. And because I was very good at it, the general managers at radio stations I worked at told me I was a behind-the-scenes guy, and I shouldn't be on the microphone. I should be behind the scenes, supporting the guys on the mic. And, y'know, I wind up hosting a network television show. And I remind those guys of that every time I see them, as much as I possibly can. So I can see how he's frustrated.I don't know anything about fashion. I don't know who's good at it, who's not good at it. For all I know he could be the greatest or the worst fashion designer in the world. But I do understand that frustration."

Kimmel also gave Kanye credit for making the first step towards settling the feud. "Y'know, he took down his tweets. And I felt like that was a conciliatory move. And then I sent him an e-mail, and we exchanged a couple of e-mails, and that was that. And then he sent me an e-mail saying he'd like to come on the show and talk about it. So we worked it so we could get him on Wednesday."

Watch the full interview bellow: