Pusha T Says Kanye West Believes "Yeezus" Is Better Than "My Name Is My Name"

Pusha T, who released his new album My Name Is My Name yesterday (October 8), recently said that Kanye West asked him to avoid "radio records."

"You weren't allowed to use that type of terminology in the studio," Pusha T says in an interview at New York radio station 105.1's The Breakfast Club. "Anybody who came in, and you know, we let anybody come in and hear the music we was making, and that was for Yeezus and for My Name Is My Name. Totally against radio records, man. We was just going to do what we wanted to do."

Pusha T said that Kanye West told him that Yeezus was better than My Name Is My Name.

"[Kanye] actually did tell me that," Pusha said, before adding that West told him, "Well, uh, I actually think my album is better."

During the interview, Pusha T dismisses his feud with Lil Wayne and said it was a result of social media.

"You know what, I'ma really blame it on social media." Pusha T says. "I think this was at a time when the whole social media thing, and people leaving these comments on the blogs. You know, people were saying that he was stepping into the lane a long time ago, just with the contents and so forth. And that was in his transformation from New Orleans to sort of East Coast style, swag. But the thing was, I never said it. Some people just react to things differently."

During the interview, Pusha also addressed the rumors that came after Kelly Rowland posted a picture with Push with the caption "I love you baby! #streetlife @kingpush" on her Instagram.

"Yo man, dawg, that wasn't even, it wasn't that," Pusha T said. "Aw man. It was tough, man. No man, no. We did a record together. Listen, let me tell you something. We did a record together, right? Funny thing is, I got stranded in Atlanta that day, wasn't even supposed to be there. So because I was stranded, I go to the party. I see her, I'm like 'Yo, let me go over there and you know...It wasn't nothing."

Kelly Rowland's Instagram post can be viewed below.

In the interview, Pusha also calls Game a hip-hop chameleon.

"Game just got different styles, like tons of styles," Pusha says. "We did a record together, and even the hook on it reminded me of something me and my brother [No Malice, of Clipse] would have done. It was a compliment."

Game and Pusha T released "Name Me King," a selection off Game's 2012 project, Jesus Piece.

Pusha's interview can be viewed below.